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[Science Espresso] Controlling the brain with lights

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The biggest challenges in neuroscience have been to control the activity of brain cells in the same way that the brain actually controls them. Currently, optogenetics (the use of light to control cells) allows us to turn specific neurons on or off at will, providing that those neurons govern specific behaviours.
Prof Di Giovanni will introduce general principles and advantages of this new approach. The data obtained on animal models of absence epilepsy using optogenetics will be discussed with the public.

Join the second Sparks Science Espresso in Malta and get new insights on:

• New technologies to cure the brain
• Different types of epilepsy that are not always obvious
• Mind Control


Practical information

Thursday 27 July


Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Villa Bighi, 
Kalkara KKR1320 

More information about Sparks activities in Malta on Esplora's website.

Events date: 
Thursday, July 27, 2017