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[Science Espresso] Busting Neuromyths

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DID YOU KNOW... that this statement "students will learn more if they are taught in a way that matches their preferred learning style" is NOT true?
This is a perfect example of a neuromyth, which is a false idea of how the brain works. In education, we find a lot of neuromyths! 
Join us for the next science espresso at Esplora with Clarisse Schembri Frendo to discuss the link between cognitive science and education whilst challenging popular mythologies associated with the brain.

Practical information

Thursday 17 August


Esplora Interactive Science Centre

Villa Bighi, 
Kalkara KKR1320 

More information about Sparks activities in Malta on Esplora's website.

Events date: 
Thursday, August 17, 2017